Dosing and Mixing Unit Sidomix II

A head for the right mixture
Perfect mixture at the press of a button: With the Sidomix II, mixing and dosing of low-viscous, addition cross-linking duplicating silicones is now child’s’ play.




Range of application:

With the simple press of a button the desired components are mixed 1:1 and dosed correctly– fully automatically, totally homogenous and fully bubble free. The innovative mixing head is the secret: Its spatially separated outlet openings prevent the components from mixing – even when attaching and removing the mixing cannulas. Practical in its application: The containers for the A and B components can be attached very simply to the unit with the quick-couplings.

Major features at a glance:

  • Automatic mixing and dosing unit for low-viscous, addition cross-linking duplicating silicones
  • Components are mixed and dosed 1:1 at the push of a button, homogenously and bubble free
  • Material and time saving with loss free filling of several cells with one mixing cannula
  • Practical adapter with quick coupling for simple attachment of 1 kg and 6 kg casks, support frame available for 6 and 25 kg casks
  • Mixing head with separate outlet openings – makes mixing of components impossible
  • High-quality manufacture

Tip: specially recommended for use of WaSil-duplicating silicones

  • WaSil soft, Hardness Shore A: 16-18
  • WaSil speed, Hardness Shore A: > 24
  • available as: 1 kg, 6 kg, 25 kg per component A / B

Included in delivery:

  • Set material cask incl. quick fitting coupling, 2 x 2 liter
  • Mixing canulas, pink, 10 pcs.
Technical Specifications:


220–240 V / 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

1.6 A


260 W

W x H x D (max.)

275 x 340 x 440 mm

W x H x D (housing)

242 x 305 x 360 mm


11.5 kg

Sound level

≤ 70 dB (A)

For spare parts / accessories store:

article number 172980 : Dosing and Mixing Unit Sidomix II

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