Steam Cleaner Wasi-Steam Compact

The powerful Wasi-Steam Compact is a reliable steam cleaner with a wide range of application. This steam cleaner is one of the most powerful units on the market.

NEW: 174994



Range of application:

Thorough and efficient it is suitable for all cleaning jobs in the lab. Its high cleaning pressure of up to 6 bar also guarantees a high cleaning temperature.

Major features at a glance:

    • Powerful and reliable steam cleaner, suitable for all cleaning jobs in the lab
    • Steam pressure 5 bar at rest/ 6 bar in operation
    • Protects seals by reducing pressure to 5 bar after 10-minute break
    • Indication and check of operating states by LEDs
    • Service interval display
    • Simple operation, high safety standards
    • Durable, versatile and ecofriendly
    • Stainless steel housing and boiler
    • Selector for wet or dry steam
    • Choice of colour:
      174994 #CCVA# Wasi-Steam Compact Stainless Steel
      174994 #CCWH# Wasi-Steam Compact Stainless Steel White
      Please specify when ordering!
    • Basic version: Tabletop unit, permanent water supply
    • Operation with distilled/ softened water is possible and recommended.
      NOTE: For labs without a decalcification plant we strongly recommend our water softener Wasi-Clean. The purpose of water softeners is to prevent the formation of limescale deposits caused by water hardness, which results in reduced maintenance costs and long durability.
    • Optional: Accessory for manual filling
      Flexible choice of location
      (REF 174430) Fill unit, 5 Liter
      W 215 x H 340 x D 240 mm (Fig. 5)
    • Optional: Accessory to regulate wet steam saturation and steam quantity
      (REF 174414) Quantity Control Accessory Set (Fig. 2)
      NOTE: Retrofitting is possible, the unit can be upgraded at any time. It would require to retrofit the unit at our factory or at one of our authorized service stations.
      Just give us a call.

    Included in delivery:

    • Supply hose, grey, cpl., 1.3 m
    • Discharge hose, 1.5 m
    • Hose clip Ø 12-20 x 9
    Technical Specifications:


    220–240 V / 50/60 Hz

    Power consumption

    5.5 A (6.3 A medium-blowing-fuse)


    1270 W

    W x H x D max.

    345 x 360 x 390 mm


    19 kg

    Sound level

    ≤ 70 dB (A)

    Working pressure

    max. 6 bar (stand by 5 bar)

    Steam temperature

    max. 164°C at 6 bar

    Boiler capacity

    3.3 l

    Safety class

    IP 22


    Interrupt operation 5/5 min

    For spare parts / accessories store:

    article number 174994 : Steam Cleaner Wasi-Steam Compact

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