Fine Blasting Unit Gobi Comfort-4/ -3/ -2 (NEW)

Whether sand-blasting, roughening or polishing: First-class work results are guaranteed when you use the precision fine blasting units from the Gobi Comfort series.

NEW: 190884/ ...3/ ...2

Range of application:

These fine blasting specialists equipped with either 2, 3 or 4 full metal blasting material tanks offer unique features in its class. The entire system is continiously under pressure and is therefore always ready for use. Even when switching on the unit again, you can use the quick start- and quick stop function to begin blasting immediately. This is possible due to the crushing valve at the conducting hose.

Major features at a glance:

  • Multifunctional fine blasting units with 2, 3 or 4 full metal chambers
  • Precise working pressure of 0.8–6 bar with pressure gauge control
  • Additionally flow rate control: Adjustable blasting material consumption
  • Genuine quick start/stop function, cost savings thanks to noticeable low consumption of blasting material
  • Permanent pressure system: Prevents contamination and moisture of blasting material
  • Comfortably to handle with ergonomically shaped handpieces
  • With handy air blasting nozzle for easy cleaning
  • Easy foot-controlled operation
  • Rapid ventilation of the high quality blasting material containers made of metal for rapid re-filling and changing of blasting material
  • Sand drawer for catching coarse of materials to relieve filters
  • Special particularly durable hoses
  • High hygiene standard because of changeable sleeves
  • Convenient colour coding system
  • Easy choise of the desired blasting material by using the selection switch for colour circuit settings
  • Specially coated safety screen for ideal visibility
  • Optimum workspace illumination, protected LED lamp
  • Blasting material tanks made of metal, high quality construction
  • Designed for long durability
  • Simple cleaning due to stay-clean surfaces: High quality stainless steel and robust plastic powder coating
  • Air inlet membrane: If needed cut in the rubber vertically and horizontally to achieve an optimum exhaust air stream into the vent of the connected suction unit
  • With plug socket (power consumption max. 8 A), e.g. for a suction unit
  • Connection option for a suction unit: Extractor nozzle Ø 75 mm exterior
    Available as accessories:
    • Extractor nozzle Ø 40 mm exterior (Item no. 143385)
    • Extractor nozzle Ø 50 mm exterior (Item no. 190286)

Tip: We recommend the use of Wassermann blasting materials and our low-pressure suction units SG-1/1 and SG-10.


Included in delivery:

  • Compressed air hose (PVC hose Ø 8x6 textile, blue) 2 m
  • Supply line
    Delivered as standard: Supply line 3 core with angle plug (Item no. 592012)
    Delivered only on request*: Supply line 3 core US 13 A (Item no. 592011)
    *Please just give us a short notice when you place your order.
  • Gobi Comfort-4 incl. 4 fine blasting nozzles: 0.6 (yellow), 0.8 (blue), 1.2 (red), 0.8 (green)
  • Gobi Comfort-3 incl. 3 fine blasting nozzles: 0.8 (blue), 1.2 (red), 0.8 (green)
  • Gobi Comfort-2 incl. 2 fine blasting nozzles: 0.8 (blue), 1.2 (red)
Technical Specifications:


100–240 V / 50/60 Hz

Power consumption

0.2 A

Plug socket power consumption max.

8 A


50 W

W x H x D

445 x 413 x 520 mm

Weight (Gobi Comfort-4)

21 kg

Weight (Gobi Comfort-3)

18.5 kg

Weight (Gobi Comfort-2)

16.5 kg

Sound level

≤ 70 dB (A)

Tank capacity

420 cm3

Compressed air connection

3-6 bar

Working pressure

0.8-6 bar

Extractor nozzle

Ø 75 mm exterior

For spare parts / accessories store:

article number 190884 : Fine Blasting Unit Gobi Comfort-4
article number 190883 : Fine Blasting Unit Gobi Comfort-3
article number 190882 : Fine Blasting Unit Gobi Comfort-2

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